CNC Launcher 3


This is the tool home page for CNC Launcher 3(Github), based on C# and Winform development. Designed for Red alert 3 Mod Science(MODDB), but it has a lot of features:

  • Start Red Alert 3 and its expansion pack(Uprising), also Tiberium War and Kane’s Wrath.
  • Adjust the resolution, windowing, and borderless mode of the game.
  • Start the game’s control center.
  • Open the map, video, and mod folder of the game.
  • Select the running language, run version, and mod for the game.
  • Launcher theme, update history, description, introduction, commander panel (a built-in multimedia website) and home page for mod and original games.
  • It can provide memory analysis, game optimization, and dynamic recording of the game running process.
  • Memory injection, you can modify the game data after the game is running.
  • Dll Hook, this feature is currently not tested properly.
  • Mouse edge movement when windowing (this feature is implemented but not valid).

Multilingual help

The software supports Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese and English. It automatically selects the language according to the system or manually selects it (if you are on Mars), but as you can see, I want to provide more languages.

Anyone who wants to help us improve this feature can contact me via message or email:

Note: The project has terminated development.

Note: This product is not officially recognized and supported by EA.

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